Programmer, Game dev and System administrator.

Hello! My name is Jan van der Weide I study Game development and Design at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht.

I am currently learning Rust but make most of my games using UnityEngine and run a homeserver using NixOS.

Free and open source software is my greatest interest, I'm always trying to find FOSS and fair solutions to the problems at hand.

For more detail on some of my projects and my work on them please check out my git tea profile, thanks!

HermitCollective is a collective of services that I have setup using NixOS.

It is a project that I use to practice and hone my system administrator skills.

>The source nix configuration can be found here<

The game I worked on at my internship, it was made in commision by the Open University.

Playground Heroes is a serious game to teach kids about bullying.

>Most of my code from this project can be found here<

A game made for a school project at GLU where I made the karting physics and multiplayer aspects.

>The project github page can be found here<

Spacey is a game made during the International Education Game Jam 2022.

This game was made in 3 days seen as that was the limit for the game jam.

>Project source code can be found here<